Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 2

I ran about 35 today, up about 300 on the day. Ran decent but bubbled in like 8 games getting sucked out on.  Wish that could be eliminated but I guess its just part of the game, just more so online.  I'm planning on making at MINIMUM 2k in the next two weeks with the goal of running 500 sit n go's. This is completely attainable if I stay disciplined enough to run just the 25's.  For now I've decided against running any tournaments until I am at least up a thousand from these. It is super stressful and I would much rather be running 8 tables of cash games again, but I gotta build the roll back up some how.  It was nice having 6k in the account for a while. Hittin the bed, headin back to school in the morning. 

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