Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to work after a long weekend

Took a much needed few days off to party, traveled down to DC pretty sick time.  The roll is beat, and I'm stepping down from 39s to running 25s for a couple of days while I get through this bad run I'm on.  I don't really have shit to do this week so I think I might head back to school while no one is there to get some shit together and have no distractions.  Gonna try to run 7-8 hours a day putting in a pretty large volume of sit n go's and might run a tourney here and there.  Switching from 6 tables to only 4 tables because I think it will ultimately be more profitable and I'll be able to put more focus on my games.  Might run for an hour or two tonight, will post profits made daily, setting a goal for 500 dollars this week which might be a little high running the 25s but I think I can make it if I put the time in and don't run like complete shit.  Not moving up stakes until I make 500 dollars at least and start running a little better

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